Learning to be an Effective Manager

Being a manager is never easy in today’s dynamic and hyper competitive business world. A brief snapshot of the specific issues that managers face is enumerated below:

The challenge of survival

With the economy yet to grow at a healthy pace, even global behemoths are uncertain of  stability. For a manager, this translates into challenges to cope with uncertainty.


In order to thrive in today’s times, innovation is the name of the game for managers. Only those who can come up with unique solution to problems will be able to hit the ground running.

Information Overload

According to a report released in May 2012. every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created. The ability to process such a humongous amount of data Is almost becoming impossible for managers.

Problem Solving

The lack of scientific problem-solving approach  among today’s business leaders is hampering their ability to adequately deal with all the problems listed here.

So the answer to this lies in attending workshops on creative problem solving and analytical skills as well as a workshop on Art of Influencing. Managers who have attended such workshops admit that these initiatives make people expand their thinking, explore a wider gamut of possibilities, bring in more choices and options in turn finding answers to multiple situations that they might be in.

Participants to these workshops also add that such workshops drive home the basic truth that solutions lie right within the problem itself. All you need to do is adopt an analytical approach to discover that dormant solution. These workshops have tools such as”Traffic Jams”, “Brainstorming” and “Grid Analysis” which come as powerful learning techniques to adopt a solution-centric approach to problems. Ditto with Art of Influencing. It helps managers influence people, motivate them and enhance their productivity in turn adding value to the business. Participants to such workshops vouch that they teach students to learn body language, tackle people and get things done.

Click here to enroll for such workshops to become more effective and successful as a manager. You can often discover such workshops in the Distance Learning program or part-time MBA programs offered by prestigious B-schools.

By Tarun Narayan


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