Gaining acceptance on Twitterati

You are the brand! Nothing else. You are selling yourself as a person/ your company with the attitude that you are worthy of being followed. After boasting about Twitter and its fact and speaking about some of the well-liked twitter handles in “Climbing the Ladder of Twitterati” let’s move on and explore how you can brand yourself on “Twitter”.

Gaining acceptance on twitterati

Tweeting Right:
Engage your twitter followers by sharing both witty and useful information. “Tweet 80% content your readers will find helpful and 20% self promotion. A good mix will give you more than 100% promotion.” tweeted @watsonk2. It is observed that the most active twitter days are Monday through Wednesday and the peak Twitter times are early afternoon, noon specifically. Use quotes, posts, facts from your industry to engage.
Don’t: @sarahebuckner tweets “It drives me crazy when people don’t post for few hours, and then post 9 times in a row. If they do that, I Unfollow.” This is a point to remember while branding yourself on twitter. Do not get spam by tweeting at one time.

Retweets and DM:
@mayhemstudios tweets “Retweet is a powerful tool on Twitter; helps to build your brand, following, trust and seen as an expert in your field”. Likewise, Dm (Direct Message) can help you get into conversations with your followers. It helps followers know more about you and build the trust factor.
Don’ts: Think before you tweet, your post can either be the reason for people to retweet or unfollow.

@smquaseb tweets “Twitter is an ongoing conversation you participate in. It isn’t about how much info you can shove out, it’s about communicating.” Create real conversation, remembering whatever you do on twitter represents your brand. It is wise to listen what is going on and then respond.

Sharing is the second best thing you can do to promote your brand. Don’t forget to thank people who shared your post and tweets. Simply be genuine and share useful information as in time it will come back to you.

You can follow these tips and start building your brand reminding yourself about the important tips shared above. Branding yourself is important. It is like the baby steps you take to reach the final destination. Twitter is that platform where you tweet and create your impression for others. Use strategy and spend time tweeting mindfully. Once you enter the professional world after your MBA or Distance Learning MBA, branding becomes essential to get through the top companies. WeLearn’s workshop focuses on the entire essentials outside the virtual classrooms, starting with soft skills to business etiquette, personal Brand Building through Digital & Social Media to mind magic and many more.
We will keep posting more about it. Till then, happy tweeting.


Priyanka Hodavdekar

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