Climbing the Ladder of Twitterati

In the last blog Twitterati we spoke about growing statistics of twitter and yet thriving with millions more towards it. Twitter is used more as a tool where one can be as popular as a Bollywood or Hollywood star. People have shaped their own brands cleverly keeping in mind the persona to showcase in virtual world. It’s bizarre to have 10,000 and more followers wanting to know what they want talk about. Digitalization is growing immensely.

The Tweeting Effect

Branding oneself with just the right amount of strategy and time is what twitter all about. It is an assistant PR for many, micro blogging sites for others and a platform to share your thoughts for the rest. Be it a discovery of brands, reviews or news, it’s all here. All you have to do is follow right people, tweet right and retweet good stuff. We have listed down some mango people who have raised their bar to digital-mango people in a significant way.  Twitter handles like @MumbaiCentral, @CilemaSnob, @greatbong, @SahilRiz, @MasalaBai, @MissMalini, @Roflindian, @RameshSrivats, @jhunjhunwala to name a few Indians, who are the big daddy of tweets and followers. Their interaction is based on most relevant topics, discussion, connection and sharing.

Being a popular and influential person on Twitter isn’t as easy as opening an account, yet it’s also not as complicated or straightforward as following a rule book. A lot of popularity will derive from who you are in relation to your followers, including how personable you are and the contentedness that you create. In the next session we will discuss on how you can build your own brand on twitter.

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Priyanka Hodavdekar

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