Its all about the First Impression

It might sound orthodox but ‘etiquette’ is still an essential part of a business environment. And didn’t they say “First impression is the last impression”? So if you really want to create that ‘impression’, business etiquette is indispensible for your social behavior.

Look and feel positive– Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or not, having a positive body language is very essential. Better communication and trust evolves only when you make people feel comfortable around you. A good, firm handshake, a smile while you are talking and a good listening ear will elicit positive vibe.

First Impression is Last Impression

Dress right– No wonder they say ‘A man’s character is judged by what he wears’. Whether you are working for a big organization or a small agency, your dressing should be professional. Your clothes speak of the kind of person you are. Loud colors and flashy fabrics are a big ‘No No’.

Communicate well-The quintessential part of business/professional behavior is communication. Whether it’s a phone call or an email conversation, you need to sound professional, positive and highly poised. If a client is shouting at you, all you would want to do is shout back. But the smarter behavior would be to remain quiet while he/she vents out their pent emotions. Cool down and then talk. Even while writing a mail, watch what you write.

Pay attention– We easily get distracted these days, with plenty of gadgets around us. Checking your emails and messages on your phone while in a meeting is rude behavior. Paying attention to detail is a sign that you are mentally present and focused on the issue. Also, paying attention while someone is talking shows respect for that person.

It is good to be diplomatic– You cannot always ‘voice’ your thoughts at the workplace and you should not. The etiquette is to talk less, talk smart and be sensible.

You can learn how to hone your business etiquette skills from various workshops offered by Management training Institutes.

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