Sales Management Strategies

Do Monday morning sales team meetings give you jitters? Are you worried about how to induce your team to boost sale? No doubt the job of a Sales Manager is more difficult than other department managers.

Here are 6 simple sales management strategies to enhance your Sales Management skills:

Identify team goals and objectives – Set realistic targets for your team. Place yourself on the sales end and think if the goal is achievable. Also set a timeline to achieve the set targets.

Keep it simple and transparent – Quite often your sales people can gauge if you are trying to manipulate them to succumb to company policies they don’t like. And it can backfire on you as the ‘one responsible’. So be transparent..

Welcome team inputs – Have a  ear for inputs from your team whether it’s an opinion on company policy or a new campaign. If you don’t like something, say why. It generates respect for the team and that in turn will earn you respect.

Explain – If there is any change that affects your team, do not just bomb them with news. Explain why you are making a change and that a different approach is sometimes gainful.

Be a team player – As a Manager, you are in between the senior management and your sales team, acting as an interpreter for both the sides. Hence it is fundamental that your interpretation does not affect either side.

Give positive feedback – Money and recognition are two main motivating factors for sales people. As a manager, money is not something you can control but a positive feedback always boosts your team’s confidence and helps them achieve their targets better.

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                                                                                    -By Madhuparna Panigrahi


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