It was 6 years ago when Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent his 1st tweet!

The bird in blue which is called “twitter” is flying high in the sky. It’s no more a neck to neck race between Google, Facebook and Twitter, which is clearly shown by GlobalWebIndex. According to their report, in 2009 there were 35.47 million monthly active users across the markets covered at that time. However, Twitter have shaken up its impression of niche market and grown to almost 288 million monthly active users in 2012, calling it one of the fastest growing social media platforms.
Tweets are changing in two respects, firstly, it has become the source of discovery for many and secondly, twitter is used more as a tool rather than just another social media platform. Your story saying what you had for breakfast is dying; people are reading, responding and conversing on any and every topic here.


This graph shows that twitter is not anymore a personal publishing platform but it is a social infrastructure that links to better usage of internet experience. But as we all know, what is trending today is history tomorrow. Likewise, with twitter – it is expected to have less interaction or no interaction at all after some time. This is because third party application for Twitter such as connected devices like your TV, aggregation services etc. are taking over. But Twitter has come out with this challenge with a better solution. They promoted tweet or hash tag campaigns that will transcend the Twitter home page, allowing these paid services to be effective regardless of how people use Twitter.
Engagement on twitter is gaining importance day by day, but the prime focus remains on how the targeted audience engages with Twitter. Tom, from GlobalWebIndex says, “Difference in usage patterns will reflect the local market norms, generational gaps and privacy concerns.”
Twitter is growing as a communication channel for many brands which makes their customer service and staff interaction on twitter more relevant than ever. The content that is used for twitter is also crucial. Describing your brand in just 140 words is not an easy task, so content is a fast growing opportunity for the social media platforms.

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Priyanka Hodavdekar