The Social Media story of a Pioneer Brand

Did you know that Tata Docomo has the largest social media community? With 8 million fans on Facebook and 2 billion message impression, Tata Docomo is ruling the country’s social media scene. It is not necessarily one of the widespread mobile networks, yet they are one of the first Indian brands to be omnipresent across all social networks, big or small. How did they do it?

Brand Social Media Engagement

When Tata Docomo entered the market in 2009, their very first strategy was to use social media which itself was a niche segment in India. It was a big risk but it proved to be the best strategy to build their brand equity. The core idea was to create a brand that is warm, friendly and conversational. It reached out from every corner of the web and to every possible target audience, not as a corporate brand but as a friend willing to engage the consumer in a one-on-one dialogue on anything and everything related to the brand, The objective was to build the most loyal set of beta customers who in turn would support the brand in their micro-communities at every moment.

In their current campaign on ‘Complete the story’, Tata Docomo invites users to take part in their ‘Hate incomplete stories? Complete this one’, contest. Here, people get to share their creativity within and outside their communities. And every day a new story attracts more viewers. The hook is a HTC smart phone.

Also, they have kept the approach straightforward. To be a part of this community, you have to join the Tata Docomo community on Facebook and Twitter. That means you need to ‘Like’ the Facebook page and ‘Follow’ the Twitter account before you can participate. Once you participate, you can watch a video which would open in YouTube, where in turn you can find links to other promotional activities. It brings more views, shares, likes and even direct participation. Also, the Twitter account will have more followers as it is mandatory to follow the Twitter handle. The strategy is simple yet brilliant and way beyond just a ‘Like’ campaign.

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