IT project management is vastly different from the conventional understanding of project management. In IT project management the emphasis is on using software to seamlessly manage the project and achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

This form of project management extensively deals with handling information by virtue of software and hardware devices. It consists of tools, processes, methodologies and equipments to define the activities of a project, monitor the progress of the project, identify pitfalls and overcome them in addition to reviewing the quality of the project that is finally delivered.

IT Project Management Tips

Like any project, an IT project management is a temporary endeavor (with a start date and an end date), aimed at achieving a specific finalized goal. Few examples of IT projects are as under:

  • Programming computer software, a mobile app, or video game
  • Designing hardware architecture for a computer platform
  • Web development for an online shopping site
  • Data security on a social network or bank server

However, a pertinent point to be noted here is that projects that don’t necessarily relate to IT also fall under the purview of IT project management. Let’s take the example of a music concert. Although handling a music concert is not strictly an IT project management today, because information technology is such a fast-growing industry, even projects that are not exactly defined as “IT” uses technology for marketing and promotion.

Ditto is the story with projects in construction or services industries. The project manager in an IT project management set up needs to have skills that go beyond IT. For instance, the project manager in charge needs to have the expertise in gathering, organizing, and directing the resources necessary to ensure that the project delivers an efficient result.

To obtain more insights on IT project management tips and tricks, it’s worth signing up for a Distance Learning program as it offers a wealth of knowledge on this contemporary subject of the 21st Century.

By Tarun Narayan

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