Brand Yourself!

Branding is just not confined to organizations or the Paris Hiltons and Britney Spears of the world. YOU too, are a brand.

Creating a Brand
The key to a good profile is to spend time thinking about your goal, mission, your passion, some research online and what you want to be known as in this virtual world.Next, write out your own brand statement (what you do and where you serve), what employees or colleagues call you – do they consider you to be humorous? If this is so, how can you use this attribute in your brand building?The most important rule to note is:

Your impression = how people perceive you.

You can create a niche space where there are no competitors as it gives you an opportunity to express your opinion. For eg : Brian Solis  owns his own social media niche on PR2.0 blog under his name.

Brand Yourself

Other Personal Branding Toolkit
Apart from the niche, we deal with other social websites and tools which can help you highlight your work and profile creatively.

Check out the following:

Business Cards: Cards give you an identity. They are an expression of your personality. The card should contain your picture, your personal brand statement (such as Boston Financial Expert), as well as your *preferred* contact information and corporate logo if necessary. Create your own business card online. can be of great help for creative business cards.

Portfolio: Whether you are a web designer or illustrator or a working employee, flaunt your creativity and showcase your work. Platforms like or, work well with the creative line of employees.

Blog/Website: Blog or a website is a strong tool for personal branding because blogs rank high on the search engine. They contribute to your area of interest. The domain name should be related to your name like

LinkedIn Profile: This site portrays your career / profession. Your resumé, recommendation, cover letters, documents etc to project yourself to the world of experts.

Facebook Profile: More than 160 million people exist on facebook but none have been able to brand themselves on this growing platform. Be sure to include a facebook picture of yourself – just you – not making any strange gestures or with vodka bottles around, fill in your interest and clearly indicate your work and experience.

Twitter: Tweets, followers and avatar are completely different from your facebook profile. Keep them apart. Link your twitter to LinkedIn or your Blog. Put up an interesting background and tweet sensibly.

Youtube: Use this medium to speak about yourself in a concise manner. You can send this link to your managers or the hiring authority telling them why you are the best amongst the rest- it has been found to be a smart way to portray yourself.

Email: Keep your email id similar to your name instead of wacky and insignificant names. It will help develop one single brand identity for all your social media platforms.

To sum it up: Once you are done with the list above, it’s time you show the world, especially your target audience, the actual YOU. This doesn’t mean they will come to you automatically; you will have to communicate on a daily basis what you have created till now on your platforms.

Strategic understanding and a fair amount of tact can help you branding yourself impactfully.

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Priyanka Hodavdekar

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