Face Up To Challenge: Women At Work.

Women At WorkNobody can relate to situations in the lives of women better than women themselves. In India, inasmuch as the country may have modernized in terms of professional working for women, they are still seen hiding behind their own blocks and restrain themselves from being heard, appreciated, respected, valued and promoted.

Kathy Caprino, who is training and coaching women and emerging female leaders for the past eight years as a former corporate Vice President, has often observed women being de-motivated and lacking in powerful, effective and commanding authority in their communication. Kathy Caprino found the following as the top six challenges that a professional woman confronts, thus hampering her from delivering positive results in the competitive work place

Dont Take Things Personally:

Women tend to think over particular goings-on at work again and again, get emotionally affected, and they take things personally.  Observe critically from expansive, neutral and balanced perspective rather than taking things too personally.

Negotiate For What You Deserve:

Study says, men negotiate their salary, position, bonus while women are reluctant.  That said, it is important to negotiate and speak up powerfully for what you deserve and show the quality of confidence. What you want, you will not get, till you ask for it.

Continue Education:

The more you learn, the better you develop your ability to move places, you can continue your education and also polish your leadership skills  and communication skills, through Distance Learning MBA programs.

Challenging Power:

Women have faced immense struggle to speak up with authority or speak their mind against the management or majority. But if they fail to challenge they cannot rise to leadership positions. Kathy says “The question which arises in mind is not “How should I challenge“, but “How best can I challenge authority so that I am heard, understood, and valued for my input?” The correct answer to that question is available to you only after you thoroughly examine the culture and ecosystem you’re involved with and understand how to thrive in it.

Making your powerful presence felt:

We all have a “power gap” which covers an area where we feel we are “not capable of” or “not confident of doing “. Women, especially make these power gaps because they feel too vulnerable and embarrassed more than ever. The only key to overcome those power gaps are to face it, learn it, achieve it and be a success instead of feeling embarrassed about it.

Kathy says “The quickest path to success is to own where you feel ‘less than’ and strive to accept and appreciate yourself fully while at the same time taking positive steps to rebuild your confidence and legitimately bolster your sense of self-worth.”

by Priyanka Hodavdekar

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