10 Effective Leadership Skills and Qualities for Team Leader

What is common among Moses, Julius Caesar, Martin Luther King, Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi? Before you actually start counting similarities, think who they are. Great men, historical personalities, social icons? More than anything, all these men were Great LEADERS; Powerful people who have been influencing  society for ages. From time immemorial, society always looks up to those who influence and inspire. Few basic Leadership skills to hone, 10 Effective Leadership Skills and Qualities for Team Leader to follow and lo and behold…you could be leading a crowd.

Leadership Qualities

  1. INFLUENCE those you lead. People around you should feel inspired by little things you do.
  2. Have an AIM/MISSION where you want to reach and take your team along.
  3. Create a VISION for others to dream beyond the expected, yet practical enough to pursue.
  4. Be  COMPETENT so people know who they are following.
  5. COMMUNICATE well enough for your peers to be able to understand you better.
  6. TRUST your team/peers so they feel comfortable with you.
  7. BELIEVE in yourself. People believe in those who believe in themselves
  8. Have KNOWLEDGE of what exactly you are doing and why. People always prefer clarity.
  9. Have a clear DIRECTION for your course of action.
  10. Be DISCIPLINED; then only you can channelize others.

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By Madhuparna Panigrahi


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