Illusions you carry for an Interview

“Hello, your CV is shortlisted and the interview is schedule tomorrow.”

You probably get nervous when you hear the word “interview” even if you are prepared for it. You go back to the job description again and think that you want the best.

David Couper, a Los Angeles Career and Executive Coach and the author of Outsiders on the Inside: How to Create a Winning Career … Even When You Don’t Fit In”  says:  “In reality, most interviewers are not prepared for the interview, they usually just wing it based on their own experience.” There are times when the employers don’t even know whom are they going to interview, their last minute chat which you might have overheard, saying: “I hadn’t seen the applicant’s resumé,  I didn’t even know what the job was”, will give you some idea of the scenario. There are rarely good questions shooting on you like: “Tell me about yourself” ,which is one of the silliest questions  asked these days.Myths of the Interviewer

So what do interviewers look for? Couper says: “Interviewers are looking for someone who can do the job, fit in with the culture and not cause trouble,” he says. “If you can demonstrate that you can do that, you will get the job.” His advice: Don’t tell the interviewer about yourself. Talk about what you would accomplish in the position you want and specify ways your past successes illustrate that.”

You are asked a tough question: Usually interviewers are just seeing how you respond to it more that what you are saying.

Long answers are not so cool: Well said by Couper on this is:  “If you’re giving information that’s hitting what they need to know, then they’re happy,”

Five Year Plan: Again a very general question asked is:  “Where do you want to be in five years?” Here the interviewer wants you to tell him your ambition , or  what you are really looking forward to from the company and your willingness to slog with them happily.

Your qualification decides your position: Perhaps, this is one of the biggest myths of an interview. Couper eloquently states that he’s hired less qualified but friendlier applicants over talented job seekers who can be easier to get along. Be it Supply Chain Management, Retail Management or Creative Field, the core of any interview is the same. You have to think lateral with the organization and be prepared for the same.

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Priyanka Hodavdekar


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