Being Analytical and Creatively Solving Issues

It is a popular misconception that analytical minds cannot think creatively. Analytical thinking is all about channelizing the brain and making it work with logic. But to reach a conclusion, Creative Thinking is needed.

While solving a problem or an issue, you have to consider a wide range of perspectives and assess varied information to make well reasoned and effective decisions. You need to be analytical to do this. Once all aspects and parameters of the issue/problem are analyzed, Creative skills come into play.

Try this simple exercise. Identify two unrelated problems.


Problem 1: you are always late to work because you are a late riser.

Problem 2:- You are bad with remembering names.

Now select two random words.  For example, coffee and green.

Alternate back and forth between creating a solution to one of the problems using the words as stimulus. For example, use coffee to relate to your problem number 1. And relate green to your problem number 2.

The Strategy is to find inspiration in unexpected places.  Often you can find great inspiration by looking in other, seemingly unrelated areas.

The best way to start analyzing any scenario like this is to consider these 3 points-

The Issue– Questions which need to be answered or topics which need to be explored in order to solve a problem.

Hypotheses -Speculative answers for issues that are phrased as questions and/or areas of exploration for issue phrased as topics

Key Questions– Questions that probe hypotheses and drive the primary research required to solve the problem

The whole idea of Creative Problem Solving is to think unconventionally. If analytically thinking provides a step by step, logical approach to a given scenario by gathering information from multiple sources, Creative Thinking is needed to convert such assessment into a constructive conclusion.

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By Madhuparna Panigrahi

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