Motivate to succeed

When the toppers of IIT-JEE were quizzed by journalists as to what  their secret of topping India’s toughest entrance exam was , they attributed the success to the  “phenomenal motivation” they received from their faculties. This was, of course, in addition to their own persistent hard-work.

This example demonstrates the power of motivation. Motivation works wonders and inspires people to achieve extra-ordinary results. The universe is replete with examples of people who have achieved exceptionally high-levels of success, just because there was someone out there who  motivated them.

Success Motivation

India won the Kargil war not just because our military had state-of-the-art defence capabilities but also because the chief of our armed forces was giving the foot soldiers and the entire battalion motivational messages from time to time. There is also a theory that Pakistanis lost the war because their leaders did not adequately motivate them during their course of action along the Line of Control.

As a manager of an organization you too can adopt different methods to motivate your employees. You can, for instance, appreciate them for their efforts and that can be a big motivating factor. You can make your employees aware of  their strengths and this can act as  motivation too. Monetary rewards and sending employees for special training also acts as a great motivator.

So think of imaginative ways to motivate your teams and create your own path to excellence and success. Alternatively, you can sign up for Distance Learning program to get a clearer understanding of this 21st century management paradigm.

by  Tarun Narayan

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