The Art of Presenting

Presentation is not a talent but a skill which needs to be acquired, developed and honed until it becomes a part of your personality. Presentation skills come in handy when you want to deliver a message or share an idea, an opinion or even an issue. But how the matter is presented decides the depth of the issue and yields results accordingly. Your way of presenting  matter also decides the impression you make on people. An articulate presentation is an indication of a strong, confident personality. It also boosts your confidence and helps you take control of things. It increases the saleability of a concept or an idea.  This, of course, depends on your presentation skill which is a gift to many but a worry to millions. Majority of us get terrified with the idea of standing up in front of a crowd and talking. There is nothing wrong or right about it. It always helps to learn and develop a skill that can help you grow rather than be scared and not do it.

The Art of Presenting

Choose what and how your present
Depending on your matter of presentation and your target audience,  you can choose what mode you would use – informative, lecture or audience interactive. For example, if you are presenting an innovative electric car to people between 18 to 25 years of age, it needs to have audience interaction, which you might not do for selling a new medical drug.

Plan, prepare, present.
 A good presentation comes from good preparation. “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind”. Rudyard Kipling once said, “and  this drug needs to be handled very effectively and carefully when it comes to presentation.”  Plan much ahead what you are going to talk about, the tone of your content, your body language and the visual aids you want to use. Research well enough and prepare your presentation. It is essential that you know what you are talking about more than your audience does.

Be sure.
A popular management belief says, “Depth of conviction counts more than height of logic and enthusiasm is worth more than knowledge”. You should be confident about your presentation subject and yourself. You cannot sell anything if you are not convinced.

Another crucial aspect of a good presentation is to make your audience feel comfortable; Not in the subject but in your presence. A mundane subject can be made interesting by presenting it in an interesting manner. The audience needs a hook. Have an easy body language and keep your audience entertained by interaction, visuals, examples etc.

Presentation skills can be sharpened and enhanced by proper training and practice. All management institutes, even those offering Distance learning programs and part time MBA, put emphasis on public speaking.

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