Giving Wings to Dreams : Naineesh Chawan

Naineesh Chawan, Manager with one of the reputed private firms in Mumbai, is a man of many insights.

However, that’s just one of his many qualities. Ask about him to his family members and they term  him as an individual who is “silent, studious, obedient, patient and above all a person with boundless optimism and positivity.” Little wonder then that this BE in electronics is one of the rising stars of the corporate universe. Naineesh believes that persistence is one of his greatest assets. As for his weaknesses, “trusting everyone easily is my weakness,” he adds rather sheepishly.

Books and movies are Naineesh’s two of the biggest inspirations.  He is particularly impressed with the book “Wings of Fire” by APJ Abdul Kalam as it motivates people to collapse their boundaries and fully realize their inner potential. Coming to the world of management, Naineesh feels that one can never manage people although people are considered as a precious resource in the management lexicon. “People have a free will and they will do what they choose to do no matter how hard you try to manage them,” he  says with a smile.

Naineesh Chawan

“The only option available with managers is to align their personal goals with the goals of the people and this calls for ‘leadership qualities’”  says  Naineesh. Acquiring new knowledge and wisdom is his abiding passion. That’s one reason why he signed up for a Distance Learning course with Welingkar’s since he felt that the course will give him a “complete understanding of all aspects of business”.

He feels that the Distance Learning Program has fetched immense benefits in his career. The principles in marketing that he learnt in the course has helped him to understand customers and their needs and accordingly structures an interaction. “ That’s why customers today look at me as a partner rather than a third party service provider”, he says.

He is all praise for Welingkar’s books and course material as he feels that they are comprehensive and thoroughly researched. He also has a word of compliment to Welingkar’s faculties. “The Personal Contact Program at Welingkar puts you face to face with professors who have dedicated their entire lives researching on a subject”, he informs.

He also fondly recollects the industrial visit that he undertook to Tata Motors, and how it was a lively experience for him to witness the making of  Tata Nono.  Further, according to him Experiential Learning is the most modern learning technique that is being used at the campus.

And what’s his message for fellow DLPers?“Decide on a goal and once you have decided on it do you best and try your hardest and leave the rest to a higher power,” he sums up with an air of confidence.

Click here to see his video.

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