Distance Learning for Women

In India, it has been observed that women often lag behind in terms of education and academic qualification. Everyday life of women often revolves around the demand of their family and constant interruptions from family members, where it gets difficult to find time for studies.

At home, we have often seen our mothers longing to complete their academic education. Earlier, women of the house were considered able only in dealing with household chores  and thus were forced and convinced to enter the familial ties rather completing their basic education. Socio-economic reasons, financial shortages and the responsibility of binding families together, led to lesser educational awareness among women. But, later in life, after having lived their life as per the desire of the male members of the family or some socio-economic scenario, at some point of time, these women were seen regretting the decision of not having pursued higher studies over attending to the household chores.

On the other hand, women were also forced to earn a living for themselves or raise a family with just the basic education. Earning became so important to make a living that pursuing “academics” appeared high budgeted and a time-taking option.Distance Learning for Women

In today’s fast paced and  competitive world, women choose to be more independent and self-sufficient. Today women from all strata of the society understand the importance of education and thus look for option that would help them complete their formal education and be qualified professionals. It has been noticed that it becomes a bit difficult for the women of the house to manage time between attending to their daily chores, professional responsibility and study.

Charting down the reasons that women face while resuming education after a long gap, Distance Learning has been identified as an effective solution. Distance Learning gives equal opportunity and a second chance to these “eager” women to fulfill their dreams of being academically equipped to take on professional tasks and challenges.

Distance learning is a promising and practical strategy to increase the participation of women in higher education. It is an educational model which is cost effective and nationally recognized. Distance education serves the cause of spreading education among women and help them take on the world academically, practically and more logically.

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