Time is precious. Many thinkers and scholars have at length spoken about the importance of time. There is an ancient British proverb that says “if time is lost everything is lost”. This brings us to the topic of time management. Time management is critical to success. Effective and efficient time management has many advantages: it helps you to beat work overload, become more effective and eventually you end up becoming an achiever in life. And time management is not as easy as you think: it requires a lot of commitment and an inner urge within you to manage time. However, if you focus on few aspects, it will become a lot easier for you to manage time.

These aspects include prioritization, goal setting, intense concentration and a blinkers-on focus. Business Education courses like MBA and even nowadays Distance Learning MBA programs offer a thorough training in certain Time Management Prioritization 

To ensure that you are able to finish off all the tasks and work given to you within a stipulated deadline, it is important that you prioritize.  Prioritization involves separating the critical work from the work that can be done at leisure. With good prioritization and careful management of deprioritized tasks you can bring order to chaos, reduce stress, and manage time in the most prudent manner.

Goal Setting:

If you want to be effective in your time management  you need to set ‘smart’ goals. Without goals you will lack focus and direction. Goal setting motivates you to work towards achieving it in a time-bound manner. However, keep some basic precautions in mind while setting goals. You need to set goals that motivate you. And goal setting does not merely end with setting goals. You also need to chart out an action plan to realize these goals. Importantly you should stick to the action plan that you have created.

It is important to realize that time management is something that you have to get used to, you have to catch these threads during your MBA or Part Time MBA College years, so that you practice it during your office career. Never forget the old adage: “Time is money”.  


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