How to be better at your job in 2014

We have seen 2012 going by with many opportunities.  We were successful in grabbing some and some are working on getting a piece of that success. Job is an important aspect of our life. With New Year approaching, we give you some tips on being effective at your job in the year ahead:

Anticipate your department’s needs:

Shawnice Meador, Director of Career Management MBA@UNC says “Being a reliable source for your department leader and seeing opportunities for your department to improve is a great way to be better at your job. Take on tasks that your department leader may not need to oversee directly and present a finished product to him or her” This can help your leader to trust and rely on your work.


Get to know your boss better:

Your destiny lies in the hands of your boss, so this makes it obvious for you to know him personally as well as professionally. It doesn’t mean that you can’t hang out with them. By knowing about him/her, you will know when and what clicks with him. It is important to communicate with your boss more often.

Assume success:

Your approach, expression, body language and etiquette on the whole tell how successful you can be.  Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant says “Be confident about your work. You’re uniquely qualified to do exactly what you do.” You contribute to the success of the organization as much as the top management does. Your failures in this year are nothing but setbacks which you can work on by challenging yourself.

Study your industry:

The change happens every now and then. You have to be updated with the change in your specialized industry. Keep yourself updated so that you can discuss recent changes in the industry with your subordinates. This leaves a good impression amongst everyone. Information is always powerful. you can update yourself about the trends and concepts with a Part time course, or distance learning course.

Always come with a solution:

We all go with a question or a problem to our boss, which is good but if you go with a solution or an idea with complete context and clear implementation plan, you potray a powerful impression of leadership quality. Surely it won’t be discouraging.

Find a mentor:

We all look for people who can guide us professionally as well as in non-work interest. Look out for one at your work place.  Teach says “Find someone at your company whom you respect and want to learn from. You don’t need to directly ask them to be your mentor, just keep the communication lines open and take them out to lunch once in a while.”

Improve your communication skills:

We face many miscommunications in between the lines of management, employers, employees and subordinates. Many a times we are misunderstood due to wrong communication and are scared to clear it which leads to stress and low quality of work. If you communicate fearlessly you are sure to lead a stress free work at your work place. and best way to learn these skills are workshops conducted during your MBA or Part time MBA education.

Invest in continuous learning to stay on top of your game:

Many companies encourage employees to pursue courses that can help them to do better at work. That’s where distance learning can come to your aid. It enhances your knowledge and helps you to perform successfully.

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