Understanding Organizational Environment: The Key to Success.

A section of the corporate world is doing well despite the challenging economic climate. They are declaring handsome dividends and doling-out attractive increments to their employees. So what is their secret of success?

The answer to this lies in one simple well-known HR mantra: positive organizational environment. Yes. The companies who are doing well today despite unfavorable conditions are able to do so solely because they have been able to create a work environment where the employees feel energetic and all charged-up.

In other words these employees experience a positive climate thus inspiring them to perform. So what is a positive Climate? Positive Climate is simply the perception that employees have towards an organization. And many of them learn it only through their work experience, so at that time, doing a part time course or a distance learning course to polish ones inter-personal skills, and understanding organizational management is  crucial. These learnings are imparted by educational institutes offering MBA and Part time MBA.

The role of leaders in creating positive climate.

Leaders have a big role to play in creating the so called “positive climate.” They should inspire the employees to come up with out-of-the-box ideas. They should reward those individuals in the organization who have demonstrated exceptional team-work. They should openly praise those employees who have shown dedication, perseverance and conviction of purpose, clearly inspiring other employees to follow suit.

How to determine positive organizational climate?

Studies say that following are some of the measures to know whether the organization has a positive climate or not.

Clarity: This means that people should have a clear cut understanding of what  organizations’ goals are at the moment. Is it about increasing market share? Is it about entering new markets and conquering them? And such related issues.

Ownership: This measure indicates that employees should feel that they are the owners of the organization and not just another employee who is delivering a given task.

Recognition: The feeling that people are recognized and rewarded for doing good work and that they receive accurate performance feedback

Teamwork:  People should be seen working as teams without any conflicts or ego hassles.

Relaxed feeling: Employees should feel relaxed working in the organization. Excessive work pressure denotes an unfavorable climate.

If you want to update yourself in understanding current trends in organizational climate, while you work, then the  Human Resource module from Distance Learning programs is worth a closer look. The module takes a case study approach and challenges the students to come up with solutions on creating a win-win organizational environment.

So, look up to these modules for enlightenment on this oft-referred topic of the 21st century.


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