Interview with “We Star” Mr. Bipin Chandra Pandey

Clad in a simple wear, a naive man, Mr.Bipin Chandra Pandey is molded with his mothers learning in life as well as his disciplinary attitude in his profession. He looked breezy and bright in the conversation with a hint of strictness in his persona. However, his simplicity and his never to give up attitude beats every approach of his age. It is just a testament to the work he has put in after his retirement in army.

After completing his Masters in Electronics, he opted to join the armed forces and served there for over 20 years, later deciding to retire prematurely as a Colonel. Even after his retirement, the army principles were entrenched in him and he wanted to assimilate them into the corporate world. He was soon playing his role in the corporate world and brought many changes working with his family business. In NIIT, he instilled the slogan “Do more with less!” by introducing SOP- Standard Operating Procedures. He didn’t stop here. He was offered to work for an international company which was going through a bad phase and he was asked to reinforce the unit and sell it off within 4 years. He successfully completed his project in 2 years. He joined WEB ACCESS, set up their US operations and heads the company for the last five and half years.

He believes “One can achieve whatever you want in this life itself, provided you work for it!”


As a Motivator

When asked about his strengths, he spoke with a rare enthusiasm. “I motivate people, build self-reliance in them and get them to do things.” He resolves every encounter with a logical conclusion. To add together he says “Am an expert at Time Management-a boon in today’s’ time-bound, committed world!”

Talking about his weakness, he opens up and shares with us flaw about his facial expression and tonal quality “due to a bullet injury in the army in my throat, i tend to make a concentrated effort to talk audibly and have to strain my voice, giving my face a contorted, angry look.

Welingkar’s DLP: Uniquely Positioned

His thirst for knowledge made him opt for the distance learning program from Welingkar’s. His interest in communicating with youth gave him a real high.  He shares “I have seen Distance education influencing people’s lives and motivating them to do better. It has changed people’s perceptions and directions in life.” He points out that Distance learning programs from Welingkar’s are one of the uniquely positioned courses. He adds “For me, the knowledge gained has helped me implement it my career by way of networking with individuals.” The best thing about Distance learning program apart from academics in terms of activities and benefits is way

Signing Off:

We asked his thoughts on being a good leader and he wistfully answered “One has to be a good follower to be a good leader”. His take on being a good manager he says “One has to be a ‘people’s person’ who communicates without saying much. Another important aspect is Time Management-..’If you cannot manage time, time will fail you!’
To call off the interview we asked him to share his success mantra, he smilingly quoted “Work to get what you want! If you want to be successful in life, work to achieve success!”

Click here to view the Video of this interview.

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