GenY skips classrooms

India has now entered an era which calls for earning while learning with the help of distance learning programs. Our country stands for one of the largest educational systems in the world with 1.2 billion populations falling in the target market for education and related services.

Distance learning was introduced in 1969 but the association of the university and the students were not up to the mark. The viable information was not reachable and there was no source to clarify and learn more about the course. It was in 70’s-80’s  and thereafter as the technology started taking over, that the institutions made use of internet and also other resources like DVD’s, extra manuals apart from studies, weekends class sessions, conferencing etc.


Gone are the days when students who did a part time or online course are counted as under – qualified. James Thompson, Lead Talent Search Partner at AstraZeneca plc, a pharmaceutical company, says: “As a recruiter I am aware that different people learn in different ways, and that the constraints on some people’s lives stops them from attending a full-time course, especially with the two-year model. Distance learning suits some people more than others. It’s cost-effective way of delivering learning. There are good reasons for why someone would want to take a distance-learning business program and in fact it could even be a benefit as it shows recruiters what that person is made of.”

What makes a distance learning program and its student different is their resilience, self motivation and their ability to focus and complete their task in their own time, to adapt and balance their work/lifestyle with studies.  It hardly makes any difference, to consider whether the employee is a full time MBA graduated or part time. Both of them knock out their capabilities by performing the task successfully. The degree is earned to learn more, gain knowledge, and grow network and survive the competition in their respective field.

Distance learning is more intensive than full timers as it deals, not just with the studies but also their application in their daily work lifestyle. Don’t be surprised when an employer asks you, that what did you learn, while doing an online course along with your work? , and you can answer him that it has honed you into a more “capable, agile and dynamic professional”

For ex:, consider an face to face interaction session in your Distance learning study. Students get to hear live experiences on the discussion panel not only from the professors but also the students. Colin Eden, Associate Dean at the University of Strathclyde Business School says “Group work is fundamental to organizational life, so losing that as a part of your education can be very significant. There’s no group interaction, no debate, no networking – that’s difficult.”

Choosing a good institution, is not less than finding a good job that gives you complete satisfaction of your skills and look forward to it. Potential candidates should look for reputed institution that offers you updated technologies, committed learning experience and also develops your soft skills and corporate etiquette.


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