Tete-a-tete with Mrs. Geetha Mohan, alumnus Welingkar’s DLP.

A visit to the Principal can be an interesting conversation. That’s exactly what happened on a one to one question answer round with Mrs.Geetha Mohan. The topics ranged from becoming principal and again getting back to college with DLP courses, from her professional to personal life, her inspiration, her work ethics and many more. And the principal answered us very peacefully, with just the exact amount of peppiness and modesty.

“Knowledge per se is not enough. Structured knowledge is important.” says Geetha Mohan,  principal of Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management. Far above the golden valley, this inspiring personality was born in Kerala, brought up in Mumbai and graduated from Ruia College. She enrolled for an M.A in Philosophy with specialization in Indian Philosophy and thereafter began teaching in Chowgule College, Goa. After a sabbatical of 7 years for her family, she resumed her career with Ruia College. Shortly, she moved to Mithibai College and continues to serve this institution for about 13 years.

Mrs. Geetha Mohan, alumnus Welingkar's DLP
Enticing the youth.

Geetha, who is playing her role as a principal for 6 years now says “Be more aware of responsibility than authority”. Punctuality, which is a by-product of responsibility, is, therefore, something I value dearly. I also believe that one must be clear about commitments and be true to oneself.

These habits make for discipline and I follow them to the ‘T’! “. She is a member of the Indian Development Foundation which is a leprosy foundation and has also started an NGO to sponsor students who cannot afford fees etc.

We School Distance Learning Education Program.

With the ability to keep working, taking care of a family, students are also looking to undertake a quality education without relocating. In this phase, distance learning is attracting everyone who thinks about continuing education  resulting in a continuous increase in popularity of We school distance learning program.

Geetha says “Distance Learning Program ‘brings learning to my table’ and since I am a continuous learner, this something,  I can avail at the click of a mouse.she has seen students  rushing for admissions and being confused about making choices from the various options available today. As a vocational counselor, she sensed the importance of understanding and exploring the finer aspects of various fields.

Self-inspiration as a way of life.

 Everyone believes in their own inspiration and so does Geetha Mohan. She expresses herself “I firmly believe that if you have to win, nothing comes easy… I am not an ambitious person, but what I do, I do unconditionally -, be it in the role of a mother, a wife, a teacher, a mentor! It is not something, I work to win. It just happens!” She unwinds like every other pearl unwinds from a shell. “I don’t carry any emotional baggage and hence, unwinding for me is quite simple. I can quickly transition from work to leisure, simply by talking to people, listening to music or being with family. I also meditate and do yoga on a regular basis.”

To sign off the interview we asked her the success mantra and she simply said “I follow the 3 ‘T’s…

TIME-Always be there when you are needed….in the right time at the right place!

TRUST-Always trust people…you can be cautious, but not suspicious. The more you trust people, the more they trust you!

TRANSPARENCY-Being secretive about official matters is often necessary, but when taking certain decisions, transparency with the team is necessary…. take them into confidence and get decisions that are the result of team efforts. Those will pay in the long run, because they would have already become tried and tested.

Click here to view the video of Mrs. Geetha Mohan and other We Stars.


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